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Vocal Improvisation Practice

Whether it's Jazz, R&B or Gospel improvisation that you want to improve upon the best thing you can possibly do is practice everyday. Many think of practicing as drudgery. That doesn't have to be the case. If you choose a song that you absolutely love and practice the improv skills of the singer on the recording slowly and methodically you will notice improvement and you will feel good about the time spent practicing. Take it 4 bars at a time for 20 minutes a day on some days and an hour on other days for maximum results. For instance, if you are studying an Ella Fitzgerald solo like the long solo on "Blue Skies" just learn four bars at a time instead of trying to master the entire solo all at once. It is critical that you learn the "song" so you will know how the improvisation fits into the framework of the song. Learn the song, then add the improv and take it slowly. After you have mastered the various sections of the song and solo then put it together and speed it up. This is the tip for the week. Wishing you a

cool and improvisational week!


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