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Happy Holidays Everyone! It's Time To Improvise!

Hello Everyone:

With the holidays coming we're all busy running from here to there. Take a few minutes out of your busy day to practice even if it's for just 15 minutes. Of course an hour is always better, but each day is different in terms of available time. Explore new ideas and recordings of artists you love. Learn some new Christmas or holiday songs. There are many musical treasures from which to choose. I will add a few on this site for your enjoyment. I also will post some new exericses for you soon. Be sure to check the site for new material. Finally, be sure to give the gift of music and pick up a copy of Vocal Improvisation for the other singers in your life. You can get it here at the bookstore.

I am deeply thankful for all of my sibscribers here at Vocal Thank you for hanging out with us, buying the book and checking out the clips.

Musically yours,

Gabrielle Goodman


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